Do you know the best places to visit in Kenya? With the mention of the country Kenya, the word “Safari” always comes into your mind. Kenya is a place filled with the spirit of romance and adventure where every tourist would wish to travel.

Some of the best places to visit in Kenya has a variety of wildlife and diversity of the land keeps tourist closer to Kenya. Kenya is a country with an African experience from fascination history of humankind, serene destinations, and rustic ambiance.

Best places to visit in Kenya

If you need a secret on the best places to visit in Kenya, then this article is the right one for you. This blog aims to showcase breathtaking tourist destinations filled with mind-blowing activities and fun. Sounds great, right?

1.     The Masai Mara national park

Masai Mara is one of the greatest reserves you should opt to take a safari. The reserve is among the best places to visit in Kenya. It lies on the south of Kenya just in the border of Tanzania. The word Masai Mara comes from the Kenyan community living around the place who spend most of their time grazing after their cattle’s.

Masai Mara game reserve is renowned simply because it has one of the eight wonders of the world. The wildebeest migration takes place yearly between July and October. Here, the wildebeests cross over the Mara river where the hippos and crocodiles are numerous waiting for their prey.

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If you happen to visit Masai Mara national park, you will get to experience the sight of other wild animals like lions, cheetahs, leopard especially in December.

2.     Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s largest park hence making 4% of the country’s area. Tsavo National Park has two national parks Tsavo East and Tsavo West hence making it among the best places to visit in Kenya. Due to the railway crossing through the park, you can have a glimpse of both Tsavo East and Tsavo west as you travel.

In Tsavo, the common wild animals are the lion, cheetah, buffalo, elephants, gazelle, and hyena among others. Spending time in Tsavo ensures you’re refreshed and educated.

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If you are interested in visiting this best places to visit in Kenya, then you can book a trip with us.

3.     Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the biggest tropical lakes in Great Rift Valley. Among the best places to visit in Kenya, the lake lies at the west of Kenya where they share among other countries such as Uganda and Tanzania.

The name Victoria comes from the Queen of England. Inside the lake is about 200 varieties of fish including different species of birds surrounding the region. Lake Victoria is a lake that offers some form of relaxation and contentment as you travel to the islands of the lake.

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When you travel to Lake Victoria, opt to book accommodation at the Mfangano Island Camp where you enjoy observing the fantastic view of the gardens as you cool down.

4.     Mombasa island

Mombasa is the second greatest city in Kenya where there are a lot of fantastic activities to participate. Mombasa is the most popular coastline town where tourists flock every time they visit Kenya. the city is one of the best places among other best places to visit in Kenya.

The city contains a different kind of taste from historical destinations to attractive, beautiful beaches. Mombasa is an ancient town that hosts a variety of the country’s history. One of the most memorable tourist attraction sites is the Fort Jesus and the Old Town. Just recently, Fort Jesus was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Some of the leading destinations in Mombasa with a brief description include:

Coastal beaches

Do you want to enjoy the ocean water sports? Worry no more because Mombasa is the best place to visit. Enjoy the busy line up of sporting activities- from sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and water snorkeling.

The Mombasa’s coastline is a place filled with sun-bleached beaches with a sight of natural beauty. Tourists visiting Mombasa can spend their time sprawling under rustling palms, watch the wildlife in the rainforests as well as sun-bathe.

In the past decades, tourists flock to Diani Beach, Tiwi Beach and Shelly Beach to enjoy the beautiful beachscapes.

Notably, the north coast of Mombasa is livelier compared to the south coast of Mombasa. This is because the north coast is nearer to Mombasa city and neighbors the airport.

In this case, entertainment venues, water sports and splendid resorts are guaranteed since there are a lot of tourist attraction sites. Remarkably, Nyali beach should be your first stop when traveling the northern coastal line.

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Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is a Portuguese military architectural building built in 1593 to 1596 by the Portuguese. It is one of the top tourist attraction places in Mombasa is a recognition from UNESCO. The fort Jesus is among the best places to tour in Mombasa.

The Fort Jesus world heritage site is built with a design that resembles the shape of a man hence receiving the name Jesus for religious reference. This site is partially ruined; however, a museum was built over the former barracks for the garrison.

Nonetheless, the museum exhibits a variety of cultural artifacts. Some of the collections include ceramics, pottery as well as Omani jewels.

Inside the ruined fort, it houses the Omani house which possesses artifacts that display the Swahili life  The Fort Jesus is located in Ndia Kuu, Mombasa.

Mamba village

Mamba village is the biggest crocodile farm in Kenya. The crocodile numbers make mamba village among the best places to tour in Mombasa. Also, it is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm hence among the best places to visit in Mombasa.

Tourists seeking to learn the behavior as well as the life cycle of crocodiles should opt not to lack a chance of visiting the place.

The most exciting moments in mamba village is watching the crocodiles fight for food during feeding time. Also, the center provides the tourists with a horse-back ride and a view of aquatic plants in the botanical garden.

Mamba village center also offers game meat from crocodile, zebra as well as ostrich. Graduated carnivorous tourist would surely love the place!

Haller park

The Haller Park named after Dr. Rene Haller transforming the limestone quarries into a surviving nature reserve. Moreover, the park is ideal for those who love animals.

Dr. Haller introduced a fish farm as well as created a wildlife park. The animals were introduced is such a way that they have a function in the ecosystem. Examples of animals that exist here are; zebras, giraffes, buffalo, waterbucks, and hippos. Moreover, over 160 species of birds are in the park.

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Similarly, the birds include; cranes, storks, pelicans and weaver birds. Neighboring the Haller Park is the Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary full of giraffes, ostriches, eland, Oryx and other species of birds. It’s worth noting that these two sites are one of the best picnic sites to visit in Mombasa.

Mombasa go – kart

The Mombasa go – kart is located in Bamburi, Mombasa. It is known to attract speedsters and kids of all ages. If you’re interested in learning how to dig in a Bobcat excavator, then Mombasa go-kart is the place to be.

Mombasa go – kart activities make a good compile of the best places to tour in Mombasa. After the event, you can opt to have a snack at the family restaurant watching sporting events in big-screens.

Also, children can participate in the exciting computer games or play in the fields.

The Bombululu workshops and cultural center

This is a workshop designed by the physically disabled people aim to provide diverse tribal dances. Cultural centers are not only the best places to tour in Mombasa but also Kenya leading tourism attractions.

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At Bombolulu workshops and cultural center, shops sell handcraft souvenirs e.g. jewelry, wood carvings, leather crafts as well as textiles.

Moreover, tourists visiting the Bombululu workshops and cultural centers get a chance to explore the traditional homesteads found in Kenya. Similarly, the center has a restaurant where tourists can get a variety of foods and snacks.

Arabuko-Sokoke natural forest

This is the last remaining indigenous forest in East Africa. This forest is an awesome picnic spot for both residents and visitors. The indigenous forest is a home to rare animal species such as butterflies and birds.

Moreover, there are amphibians and plants that provide accommodation for diverse wildlife. For tourist wishing to see the rare mammals such as the bushy-tailed mongoose then they need to visit Arabuko-Sokoke natural forest.


About 112 kilometers from Mombasa, is a renowned fishing village of Mombasa. Tourists looking for other activities to get engaged in other than snorkeling and diving should opt to visit Watamu to relax on the beach and wind-surf.

Watamu neighbors one of the most popular tourist attraction sites i.e. Arabuko-Sokoke forest, Malindi national reserve and the Gede Ruins.

In fact, even with the name itself, the place sounds fun. Watamu is a Swahili word meaning sweetness and pleasure. With this, a lot of sweetness is experienced in the place.

Moreover, Watamu national reserve is in the list of Africa leading turtle conservation center. The destination is among the best places to tour in Mombasa and the Kenyan coast based on water sports.

Nevertheless, you tend to enjoy conserving turtles and learn more about the aquatic history.

Gede Ruins

Gede ruins is one of the ancient Arab town in the lush rainforest. It was rebuilt in the 15th and the 16th century. Inside, the great palace, the mosque, pillar tombs and coral-stone houses have been unearthed.

The Gede ruins display the traditional Swahili drawings on the walls. Gede ruins have Chinese porcelain and glazed earthenware from Persia which signals the existence of trade links. These items are usually out on display in the same venue.

Other best places to visit in Kenya include:

5. Nairobi city

Nairobi is the capital and the most popular city in Kenya. Its renowned for being the only capital city with a national park. it has the leading best places to visit in Kenya. Nairobi is a tourist attraction center with so many destinations to showcase such as museums, orphanages for wild animals, national parks and fascinating buildings.

If you happen to storm into the Nairobi National Museum, you will learn Kenya’s history and see the anthropological artifacts. The beauty of traveling to Nairobi is that the city has 5-star hotels where you can have quality accommodation and different kinds of dishes depending on where you come from. Some of the renowned hotels in Nairobi are Safari Park, Kempensky and Intercontinental.

Some of the leading best places to visit in Kenya and in Nairobi county include:

Nairobi National Park

If you have ever visited Nairobi, you would have noticed how hard it is to leave the city. This is among the best places to tour in Nairobi. Nairobi city has varieties of wildlife species, from Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Hyenas, Buffaloes, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest to different kind of bird species.

The Nairobi National Park is a renowned ivory burning site. In the past decades, the then president of Kenya, President Moi burnt 12 tonnes of elephant tusks and the horns of rhinos.

If you decide to visit Nairobi National Park today, you will find a monument marking the historical site.

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Paradise lost

Paradise Lost boasts numerous serene destinations and activities for the whole family. It hosts a labyrinth of caves with spectacular waterfalls to keep you glued to the natural site. Paradise lost is another leading and among best places to tour in Nairobi.

Based on the obsidian rock artifacts found in the inside, the caves are estimated to be over 2.5 million years old. Paradise lost is in the middle of a coffee farm close to Kiambu county. Visiting paradise lost is very adventurous with too much to like about.

Kenya national archives

Kenya National Archives is located opposite Nairobi Hilton Hotel along Moi Avenue. Inside, it houses artifacts, clothes, drums, masks, collections of stamps and tribal weaponry of the ancient times. Kenya National Archives is a British designed building which used to be the Bank of India.

Also, Kenya National Archive has the former throne of Jomo Kenyatta and all Kenyan Historical information. The archive is among best places to tour in Nairobi when it comes to history.

If you opt to visit Nairobi, then never fail to tour the Kenya National Archive and get to know the country Kenya better. In fact, you might end up learning more about Kenya than some citizens here.

Kenya National Archives charge 50 shillings to see the artifacts. This kind of payment can be compared to purchasing a loaf of bread in your country. Worth paying right?

The National Museum

Nairobi national museum is located in Museum Hill about 10 minutes’ drive from the City Centre. It was established in 1929 and easily accessible to all kind of tourists. If you love paleontology, art and culture, set a date at the Nairobi National Museum and get to learn the Kenyan history.

The museum is usually open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. The Nairobi National Museum hosts all discoveries done by Leakey. Also, it has a botanical garden and restaurants to ensure you don’t have to leave the museum to treat yourself.

The museum is among the best places to tour in Nairobi for documented heritage. For explorers, then Nairobi should always pop up into your mind when thinking of the best city to visit.

The Bomas of Kenya

Just a kilometer away from The Nairobi National park lies the Bomas of Kenya. The sole purpose of the government building the Bomas of Kenya is to celebrate diversity and act as a miniature view of the country.

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Bomas of Kenya maintains, promotes, preserves the country’s cultural values and ethnic groups. If you decide to pop into the Bomas of Kenya, you will have a mind-blowing experience. You will watch acrobatics and traditional dances from diverse cultural groups. Interesting, right?

Splash Water World

You can’t be in Nairobi and fail to visit the splash water world. In the city under the sun lies the wettest water park. Splash water world consists of water slides and swimming pools.  Splash water world is a children’s paradise where you can freely get in and make their day memorable.

In fact, if you’re tired of splashing to claim to enjoy the best places to tour in Nairobi, you can get yourself busy riding horses and camels or even playing volleyball.

Feel free to pop into their restaurants and get to taste the mouthwatering Kenyan food. Mukimo and Nyama Choma is a perfect example of foods you should try in Nairobi.

Mamba Village

Nairobi Mamba Village is located in Lang’ata road. Inside, there are lots of giant crocodiles. The giant resort park has restaurants where you can relax as you enjoy the serene view of the place.

Nairobi Mamba village can be a very good place to run away from the City Centre where everyone is. You can feel at home and even lie in their gardens.

Also, there exist other adventurous activities worth trying. You can ride boats, camels and even horses. At the edge of the Land exists several ostriches that can keep you glued to know how this bird actually behaves.

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The Maasai Market

Just when you thought you’re done, comes another destination. The Maasai market is a place where every tourist must visit once they land in Kenya. it’s in the leading list of best to places to tour in Nairobi.This is where the epitome of the Kenyan culture lies.

Tourist often visits the Maasai market to purchase artifacts, wood carvings and pieces of clothes that reflect the Kenyan cultures. The market is situated on different centers in different days of the week. Once you are about leaving the country, always stop in Maasai market to buy a thing or two.

Other great and best places to visit in Kenya include:

6. Hells Gate National Park

The geology and steam geysers of Hell’s Gate National Park commonly attract diverse tourists from all over the world. The national park contains fascinating wildlife especially the bird family. it has attractions that make the best places to visit in Kenya.

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If you love hiking, you can hike in Hell’s Gate National park and get to experience watching the Hot springs. The naming of the national park came as a result of the passage cliffs where it is believed that they are waterways used by early man in Rift Valley.

If you love adventure, tour Hell’s Gate National Park and get time to have the spectacular sceneries with incredible features.

7. Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria is salty lake that lies at the south of the Rift Valley. The area is attractive with flamingoes and scenic view of the national reserve. Though the lake is a little bit shallow, it contains geysers and hot springs due to its location in a volcanic region.

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Staying at the shores of the lake, you can observe the reflections of the Laikipia escarpments. Make a point to visit Lake Bogoria and you might spot kudu, a famous African antelope.

8. Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the largest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. One of the top peaks of the Mountain is the Batian which is 5,199 meters high. UNESCO World Heritage protects the mountain.

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UNESCO protects the mountain to preserve the attracting beauty of the mountain. Protecting ensures tourists continue to flock to the country and have a scenic view of the areas around it.

Some of the wild animals occupying the areas are the zebra, rhino, buffalo and elephant. Yearly, a lot of tourists visit the mountain to climb and have an interesting experience with your friends and colleagues.


Summing up, Kenya offers foreign tourism and fantastic safaris where you can have incredible wildlife and fun. the country has many counties that have the best places to visit in Kenya. Serene Destination offers links to iconic tours, accommodation and travel bloggers that can advise you on the best places to visit in Kenya.

In this case, book a trip with us and make your holidays in Kenya fun, memorable and exciting. Sounds great, right?



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