Most people seek to understand culture but do you know the most popular cultural sites in Kenya? This five minute read seek to help you understand the diverse cultures in Kenya. Similarly, you get to know the best to tour while in Kenya or when you have the time.

The popular cultural sites in Kenya forms the central piece of almost all tour and safari packages. Every visitor wants to experience the best of Kenyan culture. Here we give you a simple guide that will help you make a good tour choice and keep you informed.

Popular cultural sites in Kenya

Cultural sites are the major fascinating destinations most tourist need. Ideally, Kenya is a country that hosts bountiful places filled with the history of the world where tourists can have a lot to learn.

Yearly, tourists flock into the country to get the African cultural experience and feel the refined elegance of the Kenyan communities. Kenya is a country where there are the secrets of Africa.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to visit a fascinating destination where you can relax, have fun and learn; then Kenya should be the first place you opt to visit. In this case, here is a list of popular cultural sites you should visit in Kenya.

  1. Fort Jesus in Mombasa

History keeps mentioning Fort Jesus in relation to the early explorers in Africa. Fort Jesus in Mombasa is a renowned cultural site which is already mentioned as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kenya.

The fort was built by the Portuguese with an aim to guard the Mombasa old port. In 2011, fort Jesus joined the list as one of the world heritage sites since it marks how the Europeans successfully influenced trade in the coastal region in Kenya.

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The Fort Jesus is listed as the most popular cultural destination among other popular cultural sites in Kenya.

Fort Jesus has a superb architectural design where the materials, labor and masonry techniques resemble that of the Swahili community. The fort has one of the admirable military fortifications.

  1. The Lamu Old Town

Lamu old town is a renowned historical destination where the oldest Swahili settlements have been preserved. Over the past decades, numerous people have inhabited the town thus marking it one of the popular destination tourists should visit. Today, Lamu old town is still inhabited by the most conservative societies in Kenya.

Lamu old town marks the genesis of civilization at the coast. To mark the beginning of the civilization of the Swahili people, lots of cultural celebrations are done yearly to commemorate.

Recently in 2001, the Lamu old town was added as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kenya.

  1. The Mijikenda Kaya Forests

The sacred Mijikenda kaya forests are situated at one of the fortified villages along the coast. These fortify villages are well known as Kaya. Kayas were developed in the 16th century by the Mijikenda people.

Years later, at around 1940s, the villages were abandoned. Today, Kayas are maintained by the Mijikenda council of elders who term the villages as sacred sites.

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The sites have attracted a lot of speculations thus joining the list as the best cultural destination in the UNESCO.

  1. Hells Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park is an ideal location where you can camp, explore and have fun. For tourists who love hiking and climbing opportunities, Hell’s Gate hosts red cliffs and two volcanoes. This destination is a great pillar in the list of popular cultural sites in Kenya.

In the park, there are natural geysers and hot springs for electricity production. If you’re opting to visit Hell’s Gate National Park, never fail to carry some eggs and spend time boiling them. Sounds great, right? The Hell’s Gate Park is a destination where a variety of wild animals like baboons, ostriches, leopards, and gazelles live.

Besides, there are more than 120 species of birds in the park.

  1. Siyu Fort

Siyu Fort is the only fort which is built by the local communities at the coast. Nevertheless, the fort is said to have been built by the Siyu leaders who wanted to safeguard their community from the Arabs.

At the Siyu Fort, there exists a stone mansion built for their leader Bwana Mataka whose real names were Mohammed Ishaq. The Siyu Fort is built together with a mosque, and in 1958, the Kenyan Government Gazette listed the fort as a National Monument.

  1. Vasco Da Gama Pillar

Vasco da Gama pillar is a renowned historical site which is the oldest to have been built in Kenya. The history of this destination makes it in the list of popular cultural sites in Kenya. The pillar was built in 1498 and situated in Malindi. Yearly, tourists flock to Malindi at least to take pictures at the monument.

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The Vasco da Gama was the second pillar to be built in Kenya after the Muslim Community demolished the first pillar. Due to the demolition of the first pillar, Vasco da Gama had to explain the benefit of building the pillar to Sultan who later allowed its construction in Malindi.

  1. Koobi Fora

The Koobi Fora is a renowned historical site situated near Lake Turkana covering an estimated area of 1800 square kilometers. Moreover, this Koobi Fora is home of animal and plant fossils.

Some examples of fossils are humans who are believed to have existed at around five million years ago. Years back, paleontologist Dr. Richard Leakey discovered the first Australopithecus skull in the historical site. Besides, the Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus skulls were also discovered in the site thus providing the destination with prominence in the history of humanity.

It’s with no doubt that if you have been looking for the best historic destination to visit, then Koobi Fora should be the place. Sounds great, right?

  1. The Gede Ruins

Gede Ruins were built by the Swahili Community in the 12th Century and later rebuilt in the 15th and 17th century. The ruins are made from pure rocks and stone and consist of stones and rocks. The Gede ruins is part of the popular cultural sites in Kenya.

In the past decades, the Swahili people were the main inhabitant of the place, and they were ruled by the Sultan. Currently, the ruins are an important tourist destination where every tourist visiting the Kenyan coast has to ask for a chance to visit the place.


Summing up the analysis as mentioned above on popular cultural sites in Kenya, a tourist who wants to feel the value for their money and get a thrilling travel experience to have to book a trip to Kenya and acquire an educational immersion in the Kenyan culture.

In this case, keep the following bonfire destinations in your plan and let’s take you there to enjoy the popular cultural sites in Kenya. Our packages are ideal to ensure you don’t have to get stressed on the amount required for the tour.

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