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If you have heard news about Tour Masai Mara, it is your time to travel there! The beauty of visiting Masai Mara is usually very fresh and worth spending your time in the Masai Mara.

From the scenic beauty view to the wildlife they have, you can’t miss spending your time touring Masai Mara. If you love going out maybe with your family or your workmate, then, why not visit Masa Mara?

Serene Destination has compiled a history and why you should tour Masai Mara.

Historical Background

Masai Mara is a renowned national reserve located in Narok County in Kenya. It neighbors the magnificent Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania.

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Masai Mara receives a lot of tourists especially during the great migration of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles to and from Tanzania at around July and October.

The Wildebeests migration is among the famous wonders of the world. The Masai Mara is just but a fraction of the Mara Destination.

The Masai Mara National Game Reserve is rich in wildlife and consists of more than 94 species of mammals, amphibians, about 390 species of birds and different kinds of wildlife. If you are a lover of birds, guess what? Tour Masai Mara!

“The Mara,” is named after the ancestral inhabitants of the Narok County, Kenya. The Masai Mara National Reserve covers approximately 1,511 square kilometers and is about 2090 meters above sea level.

This is a tremendous expansion as compared to when it was first set up back in 1961 as a wildlife sanctuary, covering only about 520 square kilometers. Among many other types of wildlife present at the Reserve is the well-known “Big Five.”

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The Big Five is a small group of endangered species such as lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhinos. Also, the Mara has a river that passes through it.

The Mara River has hippos and crocodiles that are a threat to the passing animals. This is the Mara River.

Some of the scenes that are likely to fascinate you at the Reserve include the following;

Wildebeest Migration

Also known as The Great Migration, is one of the many ideal scenarios you would not want to miss at the Mara. It usually takes place around July every year. The Masai Mara migration is when a large group of wildebeest of about million in number migrate.

The migration is from Serengeti plains northwards for pasture and fresh water then migrate back, after about three months, around October.

The migration usually involves about 1,200,000 wildebeest, 195,000 zebras, 15,000 elands, and 450,000 gazelles. It is, therefore, one of the most interesting natural events that you would not want to miss.

And oh, not forgetting about the over 450 species of birds which are also migrants such as the vultures, storks, eagles among many other more.

For tourists who would love to watch the wonder of the world, opt to book your slot early. This is because at this time the Masai Mara often receives too many visitors wanting to have a glimpse of the migration. The accommodation services is sometimes a hundred percent 100% booked. Keep it early. Isn’t that great?

The Mara Topography

Other than being a vast area covered mainly by grass, you may be wondering what kind of unique topography exists at the Mara. Well, the Mara consists of Oloololo Escarpment which forms the western boundary. Also, the Ngama Hills which are on the eastern side backed with leafy bushes and sandy soil that is preferred by the rhino for its survival.

The Mara Triangle that borders the Mara river and the central plains form the largest part of the reserve with blooming grassland and scattered bushes. Visiting the Mara will certainly give you an experience more than just sight-seeing the beasts of nature.

The Maasai People and their culture

The Mara is also a home for the Maasai Community.  The community is among the few that still value their traditions and rituals carried out as part and parcel of their lives.

They appreciate and treasure the Mara land as they consider it as part of their lives. The Maasai clan has a unique interrelationship amongst themselves and the wildlife within their surroundings.

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The Masai Mara people believe in living with harmony together with the wild animals. Some of which are extremely feared by the human race due to their fierce nature such as the lion, leopard, and hyenas. The fear for Maasai’s creates an exciting story about the Maasai and experiences that you would not want to be left out.

Also, you can check out the Maasai cultural Lesos and Kikoi. These are their main clothing that is usually different from any other Kenyan you will see. Be curious and make a purchase of the garment for a splendid experience once you return to where you belong.

The Great Mara River

The Mara river has its origination point as the Napuiyapui swamp in Mau Escarpment and flows about 345 km. The flow finally drains its water into Lake Victoria. Apart from being the primary source of water for the Maasai Mara people, the river has crocodiles of different kinds of species.

You not only get to enjoy the mind-blowing scenes in this great mara river. Mainly when the crocodiles are feeding, but also learn new ideas about the existence of the rare, endangered species of the creepy wildlife.

The Mara River contains a variety of activities especially during the migration of the wildebeests. In most cases, the crocodiles strike the heavy wildebeests to have a taste of the flesh.

During the wildebeest’s movement is the time nature tries to be helpful as the animals showcase their struggle for survival.  In most cases, a lot of wildebeests run away from the crocodiles’ trap. However, the unknowing wildebeests are trapped and eaten up.

Tour Masai Mara

Various reasons affect tourists to tour Masai Mara. However, accommodation is essential for tourist who needs a splendid experience in reserve.

The beauty of traveling to Masai Mara is that there are better accommodation facilities in the reserve. Unlike other National Reserves, the Masai Mara host a big of wildlife people like us being part of the species.

Book to tour Masai Mara National Reserve with serene and get a mind-blowing experience that you have always desired to have. Get yourself ready and let us take you there. Isn’t that amazing?

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