Do you know tourism is the key to sustainable conservation? Well if you do not know how and why I am here to let you know. Sit back, relax, and read through this three minute read.

Tourism is usually regarded as a moving money industry. This is because everyone in the tourism industry is seen as a person with some extra cash. Commonly, travelers are regarded to be a segment of people with some disposable income.

However, you may consider this to be true or not based on the school of thought you belong based on sustainable conservation. Honestly, you need some little finance to move you from one destination to another. Nevertheless, the tourism aspect is regarded to be passion driven and not money oriented.

The passion in travel aligns particular motives such as sustainable environmental conservation. The foundation of tourism as the key to sustainable conservation tool it’s purely on passion and motivation.

Tourism and Environment

Most travelers, operators, and the general society such as the community depend on the environment to meet both individual and social tourism goal. Therefore, the environment is the backbone of the tourism industry.

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The environment basically is the attraction. Other tourism associated products align themselves to the environment and are complemented by the environment.

More often as a traveler or as an operator you will hear people say “I love the feeling of a destination, nature relieves and it’s so beautiful”.

These are basic rules that tourism is basically environmentally driven. Without the environment, tourism is just a skeleton without any flesh.

Sustainable tourism conservation

Sustainable tourism is a broad concept that involves travel to a destination to positively promote the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the destination and its host communities. Nevertheless, sustainable tourism can be basically considered the mother of responsible, green, soft tourism.

In simple terms, this is tourism that seeks to empower the beauty about tourism and protect the future at the same time. Then this is why tourism is the key to sustainable conservation. People should travel not only to have a moment but also create a future moment.

tourism is the key to sustainable conservation

The main reason, as a scholar and an operator I even consider tourism as the key to sustainable conservation, is because tourism unites. Tourism bridges gaps. It creates conversations between cultures. The tourism consumes environment. Basically, I have so much on why tourism is the key to sustainable conservation.

Tourism Sustainable Concept

Did you know you can grow through tourism? People do business! This is sustainable economic tourism. We can use business tourism to promote sustainable conservation of resources. Tourism businesses can rotate around giving back to the environment. Just imagine if each of the world travelers adopted my concept of planting a tree in each destination we travel to!

This could be a big agenda on conservation which I basically know is running in you. All we need is to actualize the sustainable agenda through sustainable simple initiative (SSI). If everyone adopted the one tree planting plan to a new destination through the care of your host operator or friend, we could probably find more reasons to catch up. For instance, you would be calling to ask how your tree in Kenya is doing.  These are key conversations we should be having on sustainable conservation.

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By promoting such concepts, we will be bridging the environmental gaps in sustainable conservation. If so far you are not on the same page that I am, on tourism viewed as the key to sustainable conservation, then I should meet you in person for you to get my emotional engagement with tourism sustainability.

Sustainable Tourism Take Away

The world is beautiful when it’s green, united, and economically growing. We can achieve the growth we want if only we dared to do what we say. Each of us is big enough to make a small footstep on the earth surface.

The small footsteps we take each day should be driven in improving where we are headed. So go to the world and do it. If you do not, do not destroy, and if you don’t destroy, support that one that can make a little change. You are big enough to actualize the sustainable tourism agenda.

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Author: Festus Maina

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