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Masai Mara is one of the premium African destinations. In Kenya, Masai Mara is ranked the ultimate wildlife safari destination. One of a kind in East and Central Africa.

Masai Mara greatness is known for its wildebeest migration. The majestic migration happens annually. The annual show happens when the wildebeest migrate from Tanzania Serengeti to Masai Mara in Kenya.

The wildebeest numbers make the spectacle amazing. There are approximately two million wildebeests that migrate. Moreover, the style of diving to cross the Mara River that separates Tanzania from Kenya makes the event great. Masai Mara is a must visit destination for all visitors desiring to tour Kenya.

You need to see the humongous crocodiles jump from the Mara River Waters to capture the wildebeests for a meal.

Masai Mara River


Apart from the wildebeests, there are other species that cross the Mara River with the wildebeests. Such animals include the Zebras and Gazelles.



The Mara greatness does not fully rely on the wildebeest migration despite being a major attraction. This is the great Mara and you never go wrong in such a premier attraction. If you love birding, this is a great birding destination.

There are approximately four hundred and seventy bird species in the Mara. These include special and specific bird species.

If you are a conservationist, this is the home of Kenya conservancies. If you love cultural tourism, this is the place for a real cultural experience. Did you know the Mara the original home area for the well-conserved Maasai culture? Well, wait until you hear the cultural beliefs of these great people and you will need to spend a night or two in the Mara.

The Masai Mara is a tourism hub. All you need is to hit us up for this and more. Despite a safari with us, you will have a rare opportunity to leave a green mark. A free green safari to promote conservation. We are serene and green tourism is our greatest focus to top your desired experience. 

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