Nakuru County hosts the premium Nakuru National Park. This destination is considered premium for its great panoramic beauty, wildlife, hotels among other great attractions.

The great rift valley of Kenya is one great factor that contributes to the beauty of Nakuru National Park. Lake Nakuru is purely on the floor of the great rift valley. It is a salt lake hence making it a hub of flamingoes by its high concentration of green algae.

The greater and lesser flamingoes form a beautiful pink carpet that makes the lake unique compared to other lakes in Kenya.

Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National park is just a great birdwatching destination. It not only hosts the beautiful flamingoes but also other great bird species that include the great white pelican, Hottentot, ibis among many others.

Despite the high numbers of bird species, Lake Nakuru National Park has a natural set cliff that provides one of the best panoramic view of the lake. The Baboon Cliff. Some consider the high baboo cliff to be exhilarating.

The cliff is one of the best views to see the great rift valley and the extended water body. Just imagine how sweet it is to feel that sweet breeze.

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The lake beauty is also well known for the leopard. This is a majestic beauty among the big five. A treasure to behold in the African wild.

The leopard is easily spotted on the serene acacia trees of the Lake Nakuru National Park. This is truly exciting. Lake Nakuru National Park tops the highest-earning destinations in Kenya.

The high numbers are attributed to a high range of wildlife and the greatness of the lake. some of the animals considered a treasure in other destinations but remain very common in the park include the buffaloes, zebras, antelopes, and the mighty white rhino.

These are common wildlife in the park but highly treasure in other parks in Africa.

More to these beauties, the lake is home to some of the leading hotels in Africa.

You will never miss a great stay to enjoy your night. Some camps within the park further provide an exterior view of animals roaming outside your window. A beautiful view from your bed.

You will not miss a bird wake up call. This is Nakuru, our chosen serene destination. You can have our free green tour package with us anytime any day you get a safari package with us.

You will not only create your safari experience memory but also leave a memorable mark by planting a tree with us. We are Serene Destination.


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