Corona virus disease or Covid 19 has hit the world at large. More particularly, the disease has left detrimental effects on the tourism industry. But do you still wonder if you will ever travel and further think about how to keep safe travel after Covid-19?

Everyone wonders how social travel will be post-corona!

Despite the excruciating financial effects of Corona virus disease to your pocket, it is painful to use the little money left for unsafe travel.


Most of us have profoundly suffered financially, socially, and emotionally as a result of the disease.

The disease has gloriously justified that being apart can keep us safe, unlike being together. We are no longer encouraged to keep holding our best friend’s hand during that cool trip. Social distance my amigo!

However, we need to travel and try to unwind our minds after this pandemic. How do you keep safe travel after Covid-19?

The Secret

Just ensure you observe the health guidelines stipulated by the World Health Organization on travel. We can be together, but we will not let it lose like we always did. The post corona virus disease rules on travel will require you to at least be hygienic.

Keeping our tour vans clean and well ventilated will be a plus for you to keep safe travel.

The second secret is to take a short trip to your dream area. Seychelles is one of the destinations I get a lot of inquiries on. If it’s Seychelles, keep it Seychelles and limit it to the safe zones.

Do not go touching every other beautiful jewelry around because it’s goldish. The virus may not be goldish but the source of your downfall. Keep your wow within the limit of your hands.

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My third tip to you is you take a private tour. Typically I get inquiries on clients wanting to travel on a combined tour. A tour where we bring people with the same travel interest together, and they cost-share a luxury package. Mmmmh that make it cheaper if you didn’t know!

Slow it

Go low on this combined tour. Take your private tour with your best friend or family member. Some of these combined guys may bring on some viruses despite their fancy sweetness to brighten your safari.

Either way, the budget will be favorable! Serene will have the cheapest safari packages to ensure people can travel with us and enjoy the pandemic relief.

Another tip is you take an adventurous trip to the mountains and hills. Julius is still here with African Habitat Explorer to sort you out with the best trails in Africa. Do not forget we are doing Kilimanjaro again. By the way, have you tried the gorilla tracking in Uganda?

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The adventure will not only make you enjoy but also strengthen your immune. Do not confine yourself to the elastic limits of your budget and home boundaries.

We understand the risk and are equal to the task of keeping you safe. After all, we do not want to lose you. Stilling wondering How to keep safe travel after Covid 19? I got more for you, give me time to sanitize as you take our safe virtual tour.

PhD. Tourism Management Cand. Tourism Lecturer, Consultant and an Investment Mogul.