My Journey to the Roof of Africa: Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, a memorable and lifetime experience.

An exhilarating journey it was, a story of hope, resilience, and dedication— this is the allure of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Second Camp

As we put our fingers onto something in life, so do we put our physical engagements into the same. This is how it all started at the backdrops of the three months of preparation for this great experience. Karen provided a nine-kilometer preparation track to the A-team.

Hiking Group: Kilimanjaro Conquerors

The preparations were coded with a goal of being fit, time management, self-dedication, teamwork, and ultimately psychological readiness.

The excitement was brought into reality on the main day when the Air Travel pops up land cruisers pulled in the college for the A team to travel. Air Travel & Related Studies Centre is the A place, where to be. It was on an early sunny morning, the day we took off for Kilimanjaro.

After the hilarious cruise to the Tarakea Kenya Tanzania border, we met our top gear Tanzania team of Mountain gurus. The team of gurus at first looked as though they were injected with some multivitamin insulin to handle our luggage across the border. However, it was not the case. Its passion for their job.

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The guru team is always psyched up and energized to do what they do best. To guide us through the border and help settle in our transit van. Thumbs up to their leader, the main Mountain professional Julius Odhiambo. Better known as the leading mountain machine due to his prowess in Africa Explore Habitat. Call him the mountain safari guy and roll down with me to unravel the best adventure trails. 

Did you know we will be having an annual Kilimanjaro Challenge? Yes, you should know and join us every Oct-Nov. Julius is always ready and the packages are very affordable. Why not dream of walking on snow in the hottest continent on earth? We are Serene and we got great experiences every year.

Welcome to Tanzania, a land of beautiful sceneries and nature. The people here make the humble team of people we have around the world. Hongera my people.

After crossing the border, our transit journey was full of welcoming Swahili songs from our guides. The ever energized team. They sang of how Hakuna Matata. The melody of how to sit back, relax, and enjoy your safari. The mountain here we are!

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Rongai Gate

Kilimanjaro national park Rongai gate was our point of entry. A massive group of potters was at the main entrance waiting for us. The skillful chef led the team of potters. A mountain kitchen tacticians. I always asked Julius where he finds such talent.

The chef always had great stuffs for us, the energy to keep us moving. And the potters had the tenacity to make us comfortable in all the stopovers and camps. Both for the lunch break and overnight. The choreography of this team is just incredible.

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro Meals
Mountain Dinning Breakfast

My team never understood how you could climb the mountain with seats, mattresses, foodstuffs, tents, tables, water, cooking gas cylinders, cooking pots, utensils, buckets, and many more. Nevertheless, the chef team of potters miraculously did all these and made our stay credible, sweet, and comfortable. Kongoi Mising Chef! A language of our Kenyan Kalenjin people.

At the Rongai gate of Kilimanjaro national park, my enthusiastic team checked in but could not settle down before taking momentous photos of the beautiful nature.

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro Rongai Gate Beauty

You know epic pictures are the only best ‘take away you can only take away’ from a national park. 

The A team eventually settled down for a welcoming meal. The mastery art of the chef. It was a very delicious meal made of grill chicken, half-cooked vegetables, fried potatoes, uncooked mayonnaise veggies, fruits, and some sweet juice. 

Weeeeh! Mouthwatering! I hear it’s called the culinary art of converting a garden into a plate.

After the sumptuous feast on the delicacies, we were all geared up with our backpacks to start the journey. We went through the beautiful foothill forest; it was the beginning of the long hike. The forest was very serene, and one could just feel the natural connection with nature.

Kilimanjaro Serene Forest

Rivers falls, and spectacular bridges formed the ecstasy of our forest walk. We gained height and rose through the trails for three hours to our first campsite. The route was a medium terrain, more or less of our regular training terrain.

Nevertheless, acclimatization was made real. The mountain boots, walking sticks, and backpacks had just been tested. Real Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Tested and Tried

Along the route to the first campsite, the Oldman’s bearded beauty revealed the unpolluted nature of Kilimanjaro National Park.

Julius could analyze the team from the leader to the end. The worse he could say was that the group is over-prepared. Only to mean the guys were so excellent and fit to conquer.

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Simba was the camp. The beautiful splendor of nature. A mini viewpoint of Amboseli to the south and the steep, sharp Mawenzi Mountain to the North West.  

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Simba Camp Kilimanjaro

The camp entry procedure was just to register at the camp office. Nevertheless, the entry was marked by photography. The A team was overwhelmed and couldn’t settle without taking arrival shots.

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Alluring Cup Caption

The chefs’ team of potters had already surprised us up the hiking trail by carrying the onerous camping requirements. We found the camp tents set. No one by choice could settle in the shared tent until the nightfall.

We played games and shared stories and climaxed at the well-set dining table. The potters did the miraculous setting. The dinning did sort us with some hot delicacies. A three-course meal.

Some soup, main course and some dessert. Call him the mountain chef. The dinning later gave us a platform to discuss some deep cleansing stories as we took some hot coffee and tea. This cooled us to the individual tent for the first night.

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Panoramic Kilimanjaro View

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